Beginners Goalie Equipment Set for Associations

Included in the set are; leg pads, catch glove, blocker and padded jersey along with an equipment bag.

The Association Beginner Set is a way to grow the position of goaltending to younger level players. It is designed to allow everyone the opportunity to try goalie during a practice while still wearing their normal player gear. The pad leg channel was widened to fit over a players shin pads and the padded jersey can be put on without removing their helmet. The entire set can be put on in 30 seconds!

For more information, please contact Adam Berkhoel at:

  • Designed for introductory play
  • Gear goes over player forwards equipment
  • Gear can be put on while on the ice
  • Includes leg pad, catch glove, blocker, padded jersey and bag in kit
  • Jersey size goes up 5% with larger size pad set.
  • Standard color black with white stripes, black bag
  • Available in sizes: 24″+2 and 26″+2 leg pad