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Vaughn goalie gear has been protecting goalies, of all levels of play for more than four decades . With the passion and dedication to protecting goalies along with carefully precision engineering, Vaughn has become a global leader in the goalie equipment manufacturing industry. Here you will find our full-line of quality goalie gear. Also, visit your local dealer to see for yourself why Vaughn is the best choice for you.


Slide VGS PRO CARBON GOAL STICK Bias weave reinforced blade for
improved stiffness
SLR3 BLOCKER Extra thick super high-density internal
board with composite overlay
SLR3 CATCH GLOVE Extremely light weight and
durable construction
SLR3 LEG PADS Full Pro Spec domestic
construction for optimal


Slide VGS PRO CARBON GOAL STICK Rounded toe and heal on
curve pattern
V9 BLOCKER Thick foam inner board for
increased stiffness
V9 CATCH GLOVE Pure composite used for
increased performance
V9 LEG PADS Three knee role design, and
wider knee handling surface

Beginners Goalie Gear Set

For Associations

Quality Beginners Goalie Gear Set, designed for introductory play.

Now available in Large sizes!

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